The short answer to this question is, to find INSIGHTS πŸ’‘

But do we really know what is an INSIGHT?

It is one of the fanciest words nowadays in the business community and everybody is trying their best to find them. So, first of all, let’s just agree on an easy definition:

β€œInsights can help you to understand your business”

But I believe an insight is more than just that. It can help you to draw your attention to the most important bits and pieces of your data. For Sales it can be selling more products or selling products with better margin, while for Operations it can provide a better view on performance. And for Marketing Team insight can help in achieving broader reach for a marketing campaign.

There are million other ways of using insight in your business or personal life.

In this video I show you a great example from my personal life where I was able to use data and draw actionable insights from that.

⚽ It is all about FIFA (a computer soccer game) that I love to play with my friends πŸ₯…

Please find the video below, I hope you will like it.


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