Or, why is it important when it comes to Personalize Visuals?

Star Schema in Power BI not only helps you to create a better data model and therefore a quicker report, but it also has the potential to help your users when it comes to 🎨 personalizing visuals 🎨.

I believe that these 2 concepts should always go hand in hand 🀝.

Of course, you can!


We want our report users to be able to interpret the data in different ways and feel like they have a say in how the report looks like. It is a crucial part of the adoption process.

An important aspect of that is our data model and making sure that users can easily find πŸ” fields to “play with”. In addition, all other fields which have no added value to the users ❗ MUST ❗ be hidden.

So how do we do that?

Watch the video below πŸ‘‡ where I share a couple of beginner-friendly ideas about Star Schema ⭐and Personalize Visual feature.


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