Do you want to become a Power BI superstar 🌟?

I believe the first step on that journey is to master Data Modelling, Data Preparation, and understand the so-called Star Schema.

Click on the image to see the official documentation from Microsoft

Before we jump into this, let me tell you up front that this post was designed for report creators.

We are going to talk about some of the most crucial steps that you have to apply before you create your Dashboard or Report in Power BI.

I will try to walk you through the differences between a FLAT Report in Excel and a proper Power BI Star Model. It is important to learn the differences as they can be the reason behind a slow, unreliable report.

And if your report is slow – users have to wait for the report 5 to 10 seconds after every interaction – they will be frustrated and as a result of that, you will also be under pressure.

How can you overcome this issue?

Watch the video below 👇 and let me know in the comments section if you were aware of this! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️


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