How can we help users when they are stuck?

It is possible to “over-filter” a report in Power BI ❗

It happens as a result of users applying multiple filters and essentially filtering out any results. Some may even call this data exploration.

As my math teacher used to say: “An equation with no right answer is not the same as one without any answers” or something among these lines…

But you are not here to learn about mathematical theories…


We still need to find a solution to guide our users and provide a better user experience when the report seems to be “broken”.

I found that users prefer to click on a START button instead of a RESET button. I guess it is mainly because they are too afraid to reset things within a report.

Luckily, with some bookmarks and a button on our report page, we can easily guide them.

Would you like to see how it’s done?

Check out the video below 👇


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