Organ pricing on the black market

Did you know that you can get up to a million dollars for your organs on the black market?

I have recently read an article online that led me to further “investigation” into this topic.


I was surprised that in 2021 there is only one country on the planet where the trade of human organs is legal, and it is Iran.

Everywhere else people are forced to take some risks and rely on the black market or transplant tourism. Obviously, that opens up a completely new “business sector” which is illegal organ trade or organ trafficking.

What does it have to do with Power BI?

Honestly? Nothing…

However, after reading a bit more about this topic I felt like I can combine my skills in Power BI with the data or information I was able to put together from different sources.

With that said, please find below my attempt to create an infographic-style Power BI report on organ trafficking.


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