For those reports where you have more than 5 report pages

In the last blog post about Web-like Page Navigation, we covered how to create buttons on our Power BI report page to create a better user experience.

But what happens when we need to create more than 5 report pages based on business requirements? It wouldn’t be ideal to dedicate half the canvas for those page navigation buttons…

A perfect solution

We can create a dedicated table for our report pages – without any relationship to any other tables/queries. Once we have that table, using a combination of a slicer and some sort of an “Action” button we will be able to design a great looking and easy-to-use drop-down navigation.

Check out the video below 👇 if you want to learn how.

If you want to take your design and security settings up a notch, I would suggest reading the below FANTASTIC blog post from Gilbert (FourMoo) on how to set up “Page-level security”.

Did you know you can now selectively show report pages for specific users in Power BI? – Reporting/Analytics Made easy with FourMoo and Power BI

This is a method that I have implemented in one of my reports in my day job. It provides flexibility, ease-of-use and most importantly it is relatively easy to implement.

Just keep in mind if you have heaps of report pages with 20+ users, it could be a bit challenging to manage the security table.


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