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Do you know how much time you spend on getting all things ready to analyze data versus actually analyzing it?

I know, real-life data is not as picturesque as many might think. And it is not just the data itself. Many users don’t even know how much time and effort goes into even a simple report.

Where to look for possible solutions?

A year or so ago I was introduced to Microsoft Flow. It was promised to be a tool that non-programmers can use and automate processes.

Later down the track Microsoft renamed it to Power Automate and brought it into the whole Power platform.

And boy, they made a great decision!

I always hated doing manual interactions just for the sake of making my reporting work. But it is part of the job, I guess.

*I like to refer to these tasks as “Monkey Business” 😁

What can it do?

To demonstrate the true power of Microsoft Automate I prepared an absolute real-life scenario. This is exactly where I started my journey with Flow.

Allow me to explain the scenario:

  • There is a Daily Sales report, which must be updated on a daily basis based on the reports from the branches.
  • Every day these branches send back to HQ a standardized report with their daily result.
  • The analyst at HQ has to save the files to a network drive, refresh the report in Power BI Desktop and publish the updated version.
  • Lastly, send out a notification to report consumers that the report is updated.

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, check out the video below as I am going to show you how to automate the whole process mentioned above.

It will allow you to spend your precious time drawing insights from the report rather than just doing the Monkey Business 🐵


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