And why should you turn it off?

By default, Power BI will create a hidden Calendar Table for all of the date-type fields in the data model.

This is a really handy feature for new users 👍

It allows them to utilize Time Intelligence features without knowing how to create date tables, learning best practices about dates, etc…

However, once users become more familiar with Power BI and learn more about best practices, Auto Date/Time feature could potentially cause some issues with performance 👨‍💻

But you are no longer a newbie, right?

So what can we do to reduce our file size, increase the speed of the report and just in general, make sure that we are creating the best data model ❓❔

Watch the video below 👇 to see what sort of a performance increases you can get by “unticking” ✅ a single box in Power BI settings.


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